Other Ceremonies


Maybe your wedding day has happened!  Maybe it happened a long time ago! Lots of couples like to re-affirm the vows that they originally said or even add some new ones. I can help you create an intimate and meaningful family occasion.

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baby naming

Whether you are expecting a baby or are already enjoying your bundle of joy, I can help you create a service to celebrate and mark the birth. We can involve friends and family who might want to make a public commitment to being present in the Child’s life or playing an influential part in their upbringing. Whatever you are looking for, I would love to help you think through options and create something special and unique. 

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Family Commitment

Becoming a blended family can be both equally wonderful and daunting at the same time. Usually, significant life events are marked in a special way, which enables a family or couple to look back to a moment when they made certain promises, these moments are especially important during the difficult times.

A family commitment service is a time when two families that are coming together, can make promises to one another, to draw together and publicly declare their intentions, their promises, their hopes and fears.

I can help you think through what these might be and who might be involved. I can offer you a completely unique, professional and meaningful time together, that can be both an occasion in itself but also a moment to look back on and remember.