Funerals & Memorials

Taking a funeral service is a huge privilege, it is one of the last things we do for our loved ones. My job is to help you think through a service and deliver it with exactly the tone and content you are looking for.


I  always value meeting with a family to talk through how the service might look, this is also an opportunity to make sure you are comfortable with me. 


Sometimes I will be asked to draw upon my ministerial background by including elements of traditional and contemporary church services. Whatever service you are looking for, I can deliver it with integrity and care


Lots of my week is spent performing or delivering music sessions, consequently,  one of the ways that a service might be made unique and special is by performing a particular song or hymn

“Thank you for helping us through the process in a calm, gentle way. 

You have a natural talent for knowing what is required and needed for a family in emotional times.”